Among those celebrating results day success at Bede Sixth Form today were...


With a clean sweep of A* grades, Thomas, 18, of Norton, is off to study medicine at the University of York.

“I felt relieved more than anything to see my grades this morning,” he said.

That all-important envelope marked the start of an exciting future career in a subject he is passionate about.

Describing studying medicine as something that has become a bit of an obsession, Thomas knew he needed to put the effort into his A levels to make sure he made the grade.

“I have worked hard,” he said, and it clearly paid off, as he picked up the highest grades possible in chemistry, biology and religion, philosophy and ethics.


There were more A* grades for Kasey. The 18-year-old from Billingham achieved top marks in history and politics, and an A for economics.

Hoping for the best, but preparing for the worst, he said: “I was feeling pretty nervous last night and again this morning.” So, for him, seeing that line of A and A* grades was a welcome relief.

Now Kasey plans to study marketing at Teesside University and in the meantime, he said, it’s time to relax and enjoy the rest of the summer.

Joe and John

Also headed for Teesside University are Bede students Joe and John.

Joe, 18, of Hartburn, achieved two A grades and an A* today in criminology, psychology and history, securing his place to study criminology.

While John, also 18, from Stockton, received a triple distinction star in public services and has opted for a future in policing.

“I am quite happy with that, obviously,” said Joe.

John added: “It’s a relief to see your results on paper. Now, I’m quite excited to get started as I want to be a police dog handler.”

Bede’s acting principal Patrick Jordan said: “It is incredible to see our learners doing so well and getting the results they deserve, particularly following the challenges they have faced in recent years.

“This is the first time these students have undertaken formal national examinations and they have shown massive resilience and produced a strong set of results that they should be proud of.”

Kasey Jaques Thomas James John Sharpe Joe Aitchison
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