What are Industry Placements?

Industry placements play a big part in preparing you for the world of work.  They are a valuable addition to your learning programme to develop your practical and technical skills in a ‘real work environment’.

Industry placements take place over 45 days (315 hours) and can be with up to 2 different employers.  The placements will fit around your timetable, the needs of the employers and any commitments you may have out of college.

As part of your industry placement your tutor and employer will agree learning goals to be achieved whilst on your placement.  You will have a dedicated work experience officer who will visit you on a regular basis to discuss your progress towards your learning goals and how your placement is going.

What will I gain from completing an Industry Placement?

From completing an industry placement you will:

  • Gain employability skills that you need for the workplace including building resilience and confidence, communication skills and professional behaviours and attitude
  • Gain experience of being in a work environment and put the skills and knowledge that you have learnt in college into practice in a real work environment
  • Your industry placement will be a really important addition to your C.V., it will make a difference when applying for future apprenticeships or jobs and make you stand out from other applicants
  • Step out of your comfort zone and build confidence through interacting with colleagues and new people

Student Feedback

What did you enjoy the most?
"Absolutely everything, the staff were so friendly and welcoming, the children were a pleasure to engage with and the overall setting was just a great environment."

Student Feedback

What did you enjoy the most?
"I enjoyed the experience as it gave a good insight into what working there would be like."

Student Feedback

What did you enjoy the most?
"The fact that I tried a range of engineering subjects to get an insight into which I like the most."
What students enjoyed most in their industry placements


Absolutely everything, the staff were so friendly and welcoming, the children were a pleasure to engage with and the overall setting was just a great environment.



The fact that I tried a range of engineering subjects to get an insight into which I like the most.




Enjoyed the experience as it gave a good insight into what working there would be like.



for employers

Are you an employer who can take a student on an Industry Placement?

Employers like YOU play a key role in creating opportunities for young people in our local community who are at the start of their careers by enabling them to develop their skills and build confidence.

Industry Placements offer an exciting opportunity to give young people an insight into working in your industry.

Here at Stockton Riverside College, we recognise that real and meaningful work experience enhances our student's future employment opportunities to make sure young people are prepared to be successful in the real world.

Industry placements give young people a valuable opportunity to put the practical experience and knowledge which is directly related to their course, into practice, helping prepare them for the world of work.


What would I gain from taking a student on an Industry Placement?

  • Develop existing staff’s mentoring and management skills
  • Giving opportunities to young people from a wide range of backgrounds, leading to a more diverse workforce
  • Extra resources for projects and day to day work, bringing in new and imaginative ideas from students developing their skills
  • Ongoing support from your named Work Experience Officer to help with recruiting the right student for your company, set and plan learning objectives and regular visits to check student progress
  • There is no cost to your company. Financial support is available for Personal Protective Equipment, Disclosure Barring Service checks, bespoke training courses and travel
  • Being able to handpick the best of level 3 learners
  • Supporting growth and the economy in the local community
  • Have access to people with imaginative new ideas, innovation and different skills from those already in your workforce
  • Raise the profile of your business by supporting local young people into industry placements, improving their employability and progression opportunities
  • Address current and future skills shortages in your industry - grow your own workforce with the skills you need for the future

What would I have to commit to?

  • Provide an industry placement of 315 hours / 45 days for a student who is on a level 3 course which is directly relevant to your industry. The timing and structure of the placement will be based on your needs. The different models available include ‘block placements, day release or a combination of both – we work to a ‘best fit’ model
  • Agree achievable learning objectives for the placement with the student and their Work Experience Officer. The learning objectives should be occupationally specific to your industry
  • Ensure there is a safe work environment and opportunities for the student to develop their technical skills and knowledge within your industry
  • Provide support, supervise and mentor the student, who will have regular contact with their Work Experience Officer to discuss their progress
  • During the placement you will be required to complete appraisals on the student's performance and progress against learning objectives, you will also be asked to provide a reference on their commitment and progress made whilst on the placement

"Carl's work has helped us deliver research to a visiting group - The Friends' of Linthorpe Cemetery - in respect of individual soldiers buried in Linthorpe Cemetery. He interrogated various archives, compiled and presented the results of his searches in a format that we can relay to the visiting group. He has been diligent in conducting his research pursuing clues to a positive outcome when others would, perhaps, have given up. He fitted in well with the other members of the team and was a friendly and engaging colleague."

"Grace was a pleasure to have in the nursery and would be welcome back at any time. She demonstrated excellent communication skills at all times and always presented herself in a professional manner. Over the period she was here she made excellent relationships with staff, children and parents. She had excellent initiative and would always be busy doing something with no hesitations asking for support or guidance."

"As a family run business, we are very protective of who we bring into the fold and to come into such a tight knit community must be fairly daunting even for the most schooled of professionals. When you augment that with the fact; that whilst I was happy to offer the right candidate an opportunity to join us in our ergonomically growing venture, the MD was very sceptical. I am therefore ecstatic to report that the inclusion of Sebastian into the company has had a very positive effect on all of us I have received nothing but commendations from his peers and superiors and therefore believe it is an honour to write a letter of recommendation for him, my relationship with him has been one of mutual professional respect, friendship and a formed deep level of trust. Working alongside our in-house professional team he proved reliable, hardworking, trustworthy, an overt eye for detail, very good listener and communicator, with a very good ability to ingest information and retention span. He has not only shown very good attention in learning but is very dexterous in the execution of works and appears equally at home working on his own or as part of the team. He has shown the ability to multi-task, while maintaining complex schedules and managing administrative support, is resourceful, a good problem solver and organised. He has gained experience and judgment to plan and accomplish goals showing a wide degree of creativity and latitude. Familiarised digested and understood a variety of the field's concepts, practices and procedures. He showed maturity way beyond his tender years and can in my opinion if he carries on with the same aptitude, attitude and undoubted ability can look forward to a very successful career. The highest accolade I can offer to Sebastian is that not only would I offer him an apprentice would the once sceptical MD would, The MD has also agreed to take on another placement. He really has left a very positive impression that has challenged beliefs and affected behaviours I have no reservations whatsoever in recommending him for gainful employment."

"Sidney has been a welcome addition to our Y1 team. She has worked really hard throughout her time with us and has even volunteered to spend more time here. Sidney has a very calm confident approach when working alongside the children in small groups. Thank you for all your support and hard work throughout this placement. It has been a pleasure to work alongside you!"

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